Our Story

I’m Mike Joyce – Born and raised here in the cities.  I went to St. Cloud State and the U of M before getting my plumbing license.  I spent 8 years PLUMBING, camping and hiking in Salt Lake City before I moved back home in 2009.

Mari and I own  MY PLUMBER INC  in Minnetonka, MN –Established 2010

I have been working as a plumber for over 15 years – plenty of time to run into all kinds of plumbing repairs installs and appliance replacements.  Everything from boilers for a  new car wash, tankless water heater for the whole house, complete kitchen and bath remodels and New Construction –  I feel very confident that I can diagnose your problem and get it fixed efficiently.

I received my MASTER PLUMBER license in 2010 –  I started out with a small minivan and an honest handshake, and now over 7000 satisfied customers!

I never thought I would be CEO of my own business that is thriving in our great community. Some days I get crap on my hands, but most of the time I get to help a neighbor with that dream kitchen or fix that leaking pipe.

Besides being a great plumber I am a FAMILY MAN.  I love being a dad and wish I could be at home with my kids 24/7.  Instead, we sacrifice a lot for Mari to stay home with our 6 kids as well as handling the office manager for a plumbing business.  She is my one true love, faithful supporter and an amazing mom.  I am blessed with great kids: Lexi(21)  Abby(20)  Briggs(19)  Stratton(18)  Stella(10)  and Dodge(8), who make it worth getting up in the morning and I try to be the best example I can.

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