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Mike Joyce- My Plumber Inc
Nick Hickman -Monkey Wrench Plumbing
John Hample- Monkey Wrench Plumbing

My Plumber Inc and Monkey Wrench Plumbing have combined forces to offer you more services and more appointments!

Mike founded My Plumber Inc in 2010 and hired Nick as an employee soon after.

Nick’s friend, John was a plumber and so Mike hired John a few years later.

Nick and John founded Monkey Wrench Plumbing in 2018

My Plumber Inc and Monkey Wrench Plumbing combine forces and merge companies 2021

Mike Joyce

Mike’s Bio:

I have been working as a plumber for over 15 years – plenty of time to run into all kinds of plumbing repairs installs and appliance replacements.

I received my MASTER PLUMBER license in 2010 –  I started out with a small minivan and an honest handshake, and now over 7000 satisfied customers!

Besides being a great plumber I am a FAMILY MAN.  I love being a dad and wish I could be at home with my kids 24/7. My wife Mari enjoys her business flipping houses.  She is my one true love, faithful supporter and an amazing mom.  I am blessed with great kids: Lexi(24)  Abby(22)  Briggs(21)  Stratton(20)  Stella(13)  and Dodge(11), who make it worth getting up in the morning and I try to be the best example I can.

Nick Hickman -Owner

Nick’s Bio:

Has been working as a plumber for over 10 years. The guy who answers your questions and manages the business side of things.

Nick has a great wife who works in the medical field and is an amazing mom to our 3 kids.

Grew up in the Minnetonka area.

John Hample- Owner
Mitch – Remodel Plumber
Joe – Service Plumber
Nate – Plumber

John’s Bio:John’s Bio:

Has been a plumber for over 10 years, manages all the remodeling jobs and works magic with coordinating contractors.

John’s wife is a teacher and also amazing mom to our daughter.

Grew up in the Minnetonka area.

Mitch Bio:

Mitch enjoys married life and also enjoys hunting and fishing.

Specializes in remodeling plumbing – and since he is so tall he usually doesn’t need a ladder. Imagine a maze of plumbing INSIDE the walls of your house – Mitch is a wizard at that.

Grew up in the Stillwater area.

Joe bio:

He has been plumbing for 8 years and has seen and done a little bit of everything. Joe primarily does service plumbing. He is the guy at your door when your faucet is dripping. He grew up in Chanhassen area. When he’s not working he likes hunting and fishing.

Nate Bio:

Grew up in the Minnetonka area. He enjoys working with his hands and learning something new on the job everyday. When not working he is enjoys fishing, hunting and golf.

As our smallest employee he gets the privilege of doing all the jobs in tight spaces.

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