Water Heater Info Sheet

My Plumber Inc Water Heater INFO

We ONLY supply RHEEM brand Water Heaters

Price includes Rheem water heater, misc parts, labor, tax

*Water Pressure: Possible ADDITIONAL CHARGES

If the water pressure at your house is above 80lbs then new code requires us to install a PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE (PRV) and also an expansion tank on the new water heater. Additional Cost is $300 -$350 depending on your plumbing

***Power Vent Water Heaters: Possible ADDITIONAL CHARGES

The 2016 code changed on the PVC venting for Power Vent Water Heaters

– IF you have BLACK ABS – code requires it be changed to the correct WHITE PVC

– IF you have white PVC tubing the printed label CANNOT have CELLULAR CORE or NOT FOR PRESSURE printed on the PVC pipe. If so the PVC will need to be replaced with code approved type of PVC. This will be an ADDITIONAL charge to the prices listed above. Please ask for an estimate in the BOOKING COMMENTS.

*** Centerpoint REBATES: (power vent WH only)

 We will submit the rebate ONLINE and Centerpoint will mail a check to the owner’s address

***If you are changing from a GRAVITY VENT to a POWER VENT:

 Please ask for an estimate in the BOOKING COMMENTS – this cost is usually about $1000-$1500 and requires changing the venting to the side/back of the house not within 10ft of any door/window/opening


Permits can be pulled upon request. Please indicate you want a permit in the BOOKING COMMENTS. We can pull the permit at the city for the water heater install and give you the permit number. After the install, it is up to you to call the city to set up the 15 min inspection.  

*Rheem ProtectionPlus™ Kit

Please ask for this add on in the BOOKING COMMENTS

Any 6 year WH can have a ProtectionPlus™ Kit  installed to make it a 10 year warranty =$150 each WH

Any 8 year WH can have a ProtectionPlus™ Kit  installed to make it a 12 year warranty =$150 each WH

1 – The warranty can be extended to 10 years with the Rheem ProtectionPlus™ Kit, 

containing a second anode rod for inclusion at the time of the initial purchase/installation (Covers TANK ONLY; not blower, gas valve, ect)

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